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Discussion on The Data Measurement of Plant Growth Lamp

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Author : Linda Wu
Update time : 2021-08-04 14:58:39
Measuring equipment used for accurate measurement 
The light intensity of a single lamp can be measured by a PAR sensor calibrated by a spectroradiometer, but because different types of lamps emit different spectra, it is recommended to use a spectroradiometer with a cosine corrected and calibrated wavelength resolution of less than 3 nm for light measurements. 

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Lamp efficiency is usually measured using an integrating sphere or a goniometer
These devices measure uniformly scattered light (integrating spheres) or light emitted over a range of different angles (goniometer), and can also measure the total amount of light emitted (in all directions). If required, radiated power (in watts/nm) can also be converted to PAR.
With sophisticated voltage and ammeter, voltage and current can be measured simultaneously and power consumption can be calculated. IESNA (2008A) provides a detailed operational procedure for measuring input and output parameters.  

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As an alternative to integrating sphere measurements, planar measurements can be used for quantitative applications. This uses some of the same techniques as mentioned above, but may be more labor intensive. The plane measurement must be carried out in a special dark room(i.e. there is no reflection on the room surface). The lamp is usually installed in a fixed position and the sensor moves along a specific measuring plane to cover the entire measuring plane. When the anechoic chamber is relatively small, measurements can be extrapolated (for example, using curve-fitting techniques) to simulate larger measurement surfaces (Nelson and Bugbee, 2014). These measurements can also be used to determine light distribution patterns.

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Light distribution of asymmetrically designed lamps
As mentioned earlier, Figure 2 shows that the lamp produces a uniform spectral distribution pattern, independent of the direction in which the sensor moves out (horizontally) from the center directly below the lamp. But this is not true of all lamps and their reflectors, especially those with rectangular designs. In this case, additional distribution curves showing distribution patterns in different directions may need to be included on the product identification. In this case, the light installation direction should be indicated on the label. Typical curves used in the lighting industry include photometric distribution curves (side view) and contour maps (top down view showing lines of constant light intensity)

Light distribution at different mounting heights
If the light distribution is measured at different mounting heights, multiple mounting heights, or both, the resulting distribution curve can be added to the label suggested in this article. If necessary, multiple charts may be included for clarity to show the distribution curve at different installation heights.

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The light aging
As the working hours increase, all lights, including LEDS, will deteriorate. This will have a significant impact on the performance of the lamps. Growers are encouraged to measure light output regularly (preferably using a spectral radiometer) to assess the extent of
performance degradation. Fixed depreciation is commonly used in the lighting industry to describe the expected service life of a specific luminaire type. For example, the term 'L70' (IESNA, 2008b) refers to the total working hours when the light intensity drops to 70% of the new light. Unless otherwise stated, the performance of a new lamp should be listed on the product label (measured after the conventional aging period of 100hours).

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Chemical resistance (e.g., sulfur resistance)
Sulfur fumigation is often used by greenhouse growers to control pests and fungal diseases, especially thrips (Thrips) and powdery mildew (Powdery mildew). Sulfur vapors are known to accelerate the deterioration of plastic glass materials and cause metal corrosion. In addition, other chemicals used to control pests and diseases may have an impact on equipment used in the greenhouse, including lamps. Information about these effects is useful to growers and should be listed on labels.

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Just like indoor plants, people who work in greenhouses and controlled environments can be affected by electric light radiation. Depending on intensity and duration, exposure to ULTRAVIOLET, blue, and infrared radiation can negatively affect a person's health, which can vary if the person has undergone certain treatments, such as cataract surgery. Exposure limits are set out in a publication discussing recommended practices (IESNA, 2015). If sufficient information is available to assess the level of exposure of persons working in factory production facilities, this information should be provided and we recommend that it be included on product identification. For example, manufacturers can suggest the use of goggles, maximum exposure time, or both of it.
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