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CWCE FHBL-A 100W-200W Specification (with Non‐isolation Driver) LED High Bay Light

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Author : CWCE Lighting
Update time : 2020-10-20 15:28:41
CWCE FHBL‐A Series(with Non‐isolation Driver)

CWCE FHBL Specification

Intelligent and Efficient LED High Bay UFO LED Light
 ● FHBL‐A series is a new design concept of LED high bay lights, with patent designed and perfect of safety, energysaving, reliable and intelligent control, 
 ● The systematic combination design of LED chips & heating makes, the products have the competitive cost, long useful life and and low maintenance, 
 ● Lightweight design for easy installation and application; Excellent heat dissipation design, Self‐cleaning and dustproof design to extend more application places.

Product Features
 ● 3 Options of luminous efficiency: 140LM/W(Ra80), 175LM/W (Ra80), 190LM/W (Ra70); 
 ● Beam Angle for choose: 60°/ 90°/120°; 
 ● Wide input voltage meets different markets: 90‐305VAC; 
 ● Operating Temperature Range: ‐40~50℃ (‐40~122℉); 
 ● LED Lifespan: 50000H; 
 ● IP65 Waterproof Rating; 
 ● Controller model for choose: Single Microwave constant illumination;Group Microwave constant illumination+RF(868MHz); 
 ● Installation mode options: Hook/Bracket Mount; 
 ● DIY follow up your needs: LED chips, Heat Sink and Driver; 
 ● SCP/OVP/OTP protection driver; 
 ● Controller inside or outside for option.

CWCE FHBL Certificate

Technical Date
FHBL Technical Date
Note: When doing electric strength (hi-pot) testing, to prevent the internal gas discharge tube from conducting, the end-cap should be removed temporarily from the "GDT ground"(nut and metal lock sheet) on the driver (refer to IEC 60598-1 Clause 10.2). After testing is completed, these items must be reinstalled to restore the surge protection and ensure the reliable contact between the metal lock plate and the end cover.

Product Dimensions (mm)
CWCE FHBL Product Dimensions

Photometric diagram
FHBL photometric diagram

FHBL‐A Series(with Non‐isolation Driver)
FHBL Technical Date 02

Optional Accessories
FHBL Optional Accessories

Container Volume Calculation
FHBL Container Volume Calculation

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