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Application and Development Direction of LED Plant Lighting Market

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Update time : 2021-06-28 14:52:48
The current market for plant lighting applications is relatively wide, and can be simply divided into the following applications: plant factories, solar greenhouses, indoor edible fungus cultivation, household cultivation, flowering control, algae cultivation, and aquaculture. Faced with such a huge market, how to break the ice and led grow light be quickly applied, so as to benefit society and mankind? We believes that, firstly we must give full play to the characteristics & advantages of LED, so that end users can make short-term profits is the key! After two years of market research, breakthroughs can be made from the following application markets:

1. Home plant cultivation
LED lamps are characterized by low power, high luminous efficiency, and low heat generation, so they have been widely used in home light. So the best lights for indoor growing, LED is naturally the first choice. It can be used in home plant table lamps, home plant planting racks, home vegetable growing machines. With the improvement of people's living standards, home gardening has gradually emerged. At present, domestic ornamental plants for home use are developing rapidly, and the application prospect of home gardening plant lighting is broad.

best lights for indoor growing

2. Cultivation of medicinal plants
This field belongs to the high-end planting field. The cultivation of medicinal plants such as Cordyceps, Nocturna, Dendrobium Officinale, CWCE, etc. The products in these markets have higher economic value and are currently an industry with more plant light applications. Especially the legalization of cannabis cultivation in North America and parts of Europe, so that the application of full spectrum led grow lights is in full swing in this field.

led grow lighting bar

3. Flowering lights
As a necessary tool to adjust the flowering time in the flower horticulture industry, the earliest applied flowering lamps are incandescent lamps, followed by energy-saving fluorescent lamps. With the industrialization of LED, more LED type flowering lamps have gradually replaced the traditional lamps.

4. Aquaculture, algae cultivation
The characteristics of low LED driving voltage, low heat generation, optional spectrum and high protection level have provided LED application in this field with incomparable advantages of other lamps. At present, the application in aquaculture and poultry farming has reached a certain scale and has been recognized by users. The main market for the special algae cultivation is still abroad. Some algae with special functions are widely used in the production of health food and medicine. Some research institutions hope to cultivate algae and convert them into bio-energy to reduce fossil energy consumption. It belongs to a promising industry development direction.

Aquaculture algae cultivation

5. Solar greenhouse planting
Greenhouse planting light, is mainly used in North America and northern Europe. Mainly through supplementing light to maintain stable plant growth, extend the result period, improve production, and have certain effects in improving product quality. At present, China's greenhouse supplement lighting market is mainly concentrated in the facility agricultural producing areas in central and North China, and the main application is still limited to the fields of seedling raising and flower cultivation. The application of vegetable facility cultivation is still in a stage of promotion and demonstration. In the future, greenhouse light supplementation will mainly lie in the field of vegetable and fruit planting supplement light, and the overall market demand is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan per year.

6. Plant factory
Global, the giants of non-agricultural industry enterprises have involved in plant factories, such as Philips, Osram, Mitsubishi, GE, Siemens, Toyota, Fujitsu, Sharp, Taiwan Hon Hai, CWCE led grow light for greenhouse etc., and industrial capital is trying to master the production of agricultural products, so that plant factories have the characteristics of double industries. The plant factory is a cross-border product of industry and agriculture, and this property determines that the plant factory will become a new investment Hotspot. China's domestic Agricultural Federation of Things, Zhongke San'an, BOE, JD, Green Love, Maixin, Xutian CWCE, and other enterprises have invested a huge amount of money into the field of plant factories, bringing new industrial changes. The clean vegetables produced by plant factories have begun to provide a reliable choice for China's food safety.

The previous few application market can be used as a breakthrough in the early stage of of LED plant lighting, but the real use of larger amounts is the two markets of solar greenhouse planting supplementary lighting and plant factory lighting. If these two markets break out, the number of lamps and the output value of the entire industry will be huge, and the total volume will be larger than the current public lighting, home lighting, decorative lighting, automotive lighting and other fields, so the two markets will be the main direction of the future development of LED plant lighting.

Based on the current development of plant lighting, LED plant lighting has been applied to plant lighting in various occasions due to its adjustable spectrum, adjustable light intensity, and low heat generation. At the same time, people's pursuit of food quality has promoted the vigorous development of plant factories, and also brought the LED plant lighting industry into a period of rapid development. In the future, LED plant lighting will play an important role in improving agricultural production efficiency, improving food safety and improving the quality of fruits and vegetables.

LED Plant Growth Factory

With the development of artificial intelligence, the future development trend of agriculture will develop in the direction of miniaturized farms. A small farm can be a roof, an underground garage, or a balcony. As long as a small piece of land, we can basically meet our own nutritional intake, and even share it with our neighbors. In the future, plant lighting will mainly serve these small farms, and we believe that the small farm will be the development direction of plant lighting services in the future!
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