High Quality Led Grow Light For Growing Plants Indoors Hydroponic Poppy Greenhouses Fruits Vegetables

Item No.: PGL150 (02)
PGL150FAV Dimmable LED Grow Light
Seeding: 24 inch    Veg: 18-24 inch
Flower: 12-18 inch
Veg: 18 hours on    Flower: 12 hours on


Power 150W
Input Voltage 90-305VAC
Input Current 1.25A/120VAC
PF >0.90/120VAC
Dimming (Optional) 10~100%
CRI 88
PPF 340 umol/s
Eff(PPF) 2.9 umol/s/W(umol/J)
Spectrum 330~880nm
Height 10~30 inch
Coverage 24~36 inch
Operation Temp & Humidity -20~45℃, 20~95%RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity -20~85℃, 10~95%RH No condensation
Product L* W * H (mm) 298*250*94
Carton L* W * H (mm) 265*300*125
NW (kg) ±0.1 2.6
GW (kg) ±0.1 3.5


high-efficiency and full-spectrum

high-efficiency and full-spectrum

Adopt high-efficiency and full-spectrum LED to accelerate the growth and flowering time of plant, while increasing yield;

excellent design of heat dissipation

Unique integrated and excellent design of heat dissipation to ensure the long life of LED IP65 waterproof design ensures safer use;

Stepless dimming design

Stepless dimming design, for taking care of each growth stage of different plants more scientifically;

The unique lens design ensures

The unique lens design ensures more efficiently that all the light focus on the plants, while reducing the waste of light.