30W GR green under shelf growing light led grow lighting bar for Plants Enter Sleep Period, Staff Work Lighting

Item No.: PGL050-TLA30 (02)
Power: 30W / 50W
Lumen (lm): 6000 lm
Input Voltage: 100-305VAC
CRI /CCT: Ra95 / 5000K / 6000K / Green


Product Code PGL050-TLA30-4FT50-50 / PGL050-TLA30-4FT50-60 PGL050-TLA30-4FT30-GR
Power 50W 30W
Input Voltage 100-305VAC 100-305VAC
Input Current 0.42A/120Vac 0.25A/120Vac
Lumen (lm) 6000 lm  / 
CRI /CCT Ra95 / 5000K       or       Ra95 / 6000K Green
PPFD(H eight  30cm) 150 μmol/(m²·s)  / 
PPFD(H eight  60cm) 80 μmol/(m²·s)  / 
Spectrum 330~880nm  520nm
Installation Height 12~36 inch  / 
Beam Angle 110°x115° Rectangular Beam 110°x115° Rectangular Beam
IP Class IP65 IP65
Operation Temp & Humidity -20~45℃, 20~95%RH  No condensation -20~45℃, 20~95%RH  No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity -20~85℃, 10~95%RH  No condensation -20~85℃, 10~95%RH  No condensation
Product L* W * H (mm) 1125*53*28 1125*53*28
Carton L* W * H (mm) 1180*85*60, 2pc (1200*250*190,20pc) 1180*85*60, 2pc (1200*250*190,20pc)
NW (kg) ±0.1 1.35Kg(Inner box 2pc),13.5Kg(Outer box 20pc) 1.35Kg(Inner box 2pc),13.5Kg(Outer box 20pc)
GW (kg) ±0.1 1.52Kg(Inner box 2pc),16.2Kg(Outer box 20pc) 1.52Kg(Inner box 2pc),16.2Kg(Outer box 20pc)


Faster heat dissipation, longer lifetime

Specially designed for seeding clone growth

It satisfies the light conditions required for photosynthesis of plants during the seedling period. It is specially designed for cannabis seedling raising and is very suitable for use during sowing and seedling raising.

Full-spectrum light and green light for options

Our plant growth clone lamp not only has the customized spectrum required for seedling cultivation, but also has a sleep green light specially customized for plants, which can fully let the plants get good rest and growth.

Suit for grow shelf, support splicing assembly

Our cannabis growth clone lamp is not only very suitable for use on traditional shelves, but also can be used in tandem with finishing stitching, which greatly saves your lighting design costs.

LEfficient, Energy saving, Reliability

This LED cannabis growing nursery lamp has been tested by us and can save electricity compared with other types of lamps when used, and the small current output will not cause safety hazards.